Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions :

The terms and condition of our platform or website "Engineering Destination" are given below :

  • Engineering Destination has all rights to modify and delete any service or product provided on our platform without providing any prior consent and information to any user or buyer .
  • Every product or service provided at our platform is the sole property of "Engineering Destination"
  • "Engineering Destination " contains all rights to change data or modify it from our platform without informing anyone .

Refund Policy :

The refund policy for any service or product on Engineering Destination website or on our YouTube channel

  • https://youtube.com/channel/UCngfRnQGedv6a3uB0APK6Mw
  • The registration fees of any The registration fees of any
  • Courses which is or will be conducted on our platform once paid will be non refundable .
  • Webinar which will be conducted on our platform once paid will be non refundable
  • Product or service fees will also be non refundable.

Cancellation Policy :

The payment made by user cannot be cancelled on our website "www.engineeringdestination.com" or YouTube channel . They will only provided product or service in behalf of the payment made .

Users can find more specific service and product terms and conditions on the payment pages created using payment gateway platforms i.e "Razorpay" etc. Or on the product or service pages created on our website toor on our YouTube channel .